Experience that endorses us

Our path can be traced back to 1991, when we started to draw our way with one objective, to provide with technical assessment that allowed visualizing the numerous advantages held by the Active Filters technology, unknown to that moment.

It took many years of courses, presentations and visits to companies all around our country and abroad to introduce this new technology with a wide range of applications.

Since 2004, the effort made was rewarded by obtaining exclusive contracts with Mobile Telecommunication companies to protect the majority of the cell sites, in order to assure the best performance of the electronic equipment present on them. This gave us a vast experience in solving these companies’ difficulties, working together with them and developing new products exclusively for each customer and attacking the problems on its source.

Nowadays, we can proudly state that we are leaders in the national market of protective devices against electric disturbances and transients, with Energy Control’s Active Filters Line, having supplied our products and technical assessment to telecommunication companies, integrally protecting thousands of cell sites, with devices produced in Argentina either energy, data lines or telephony lines, for the country’s biggest public telephony service providers and other industries as steel, broadcasting, IT’s, electro-medicine, agro-industry, etc.

The universe of applications has been widened to other countries such as Bolivia, Brasil, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay where we already operate.

Our project, based on the systematic development and continuous improvement, is to settle the company as a technological partner of the companies that choose us as suppliers all through Latin America.